TOTO YT820#CP Convex Push Plate- Dual Button
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TOTO YT820#SS Convex Push Plate- Dual Button

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Choosing the right accessories in modifying your bathroom space is not as easy as it was before. TOTO, with its mission to provide a healthy, hygienic and unmatched comfortable way of living, has made lots of modern designs, setting the trend in the bathroom industry. The TOTO YT820#SS convex dual-button push plate is a masterpiece in the fast-growing world of toilet industries. With its prominent functions, features, and design, this push plate is certainly worth the trade-off.

This TOTO YT820#SS is a dual button push plate for use with the Aquia wall-hung toilets and can be mounted with the TOTO WT151M and the TOTO WT152M in-wall tank systems. It is in brushed stainless steel finish to ensure its finest built. This brushed stainless steel push plate is also vandal-proof and the hidden screws make it look seamless and elegant while securing it on the wall. For other finishes, it also comes in white (TOTO YT800 and TOTO YT830) and chrome (TOTO YT820#CP). Get this push plate now to complete your bathroom project!