Viega 54715 Style 10 Flush Plate- Chrome-Plated
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Viega Visign Style 10 Flush Plate for In-Wall Tank, Chrome - 54715

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Beauty and quality are important things to consider when investing for even the smallest fixtures we need for our bathroom space. The Viega 54715 is a push plate intended for the actuation of flushes on the Viega in-wall concealed cisterns such as the Viega 8864.4 Cistern model 2H and the Viega 8830.2 Cistern model 2L. This Viega dual-flush push plate, being the only visible part of these concealed cisterns adds a minimalist look and superior functionality to your bathroom.

The flush plate buttons allow two flush options: small flush volume with an approximate 3-4 liters and large flush volume with an approximate 6-9 liters on the Viega cistern 2H and 2L. This dual-volume flush technology offers unmatched convenience and hygiene during your bathroom visits.

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