Toto Washlet K300, Elongated Electronic Bidet, Cotton White - SW3036#01
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TOTO Washlet K300, Elongated Electronic Bidet, Cotton White - SW3036#01

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You can experience a refreshing comfort with the TOTO SW3036#01 Washlet. This elongated slim seat bidet has a cotton white finish giving you that neat, minimalist bathroom vibe. This Washlet is a part of the K300 collection that has a remote with two user settings to control the integrated features in this Washlet, such as its volume and temperature control and spray options. TOTO continues to upgrade the design and functionality of its products for practical solutions to aid our basic bathroom needs. This Washlet sports its new seamless integration that conceals water supply and power cords, making it look more tidy and classy.

The TOTO SW3036#01 has many features that ensure a hygienic and rejuvenating experience for each individual. This Washlet highlights the pre-mist function that automatically sprays water before use, making it more sanitary for the user. You also have its comforting heated seat to enjoy with its adjustable temperature control feature. Along with the seat are other features like the adjustable water volume and temperature control, air deodorizer, and air drying with five temperature settings. All these create a comfortable and clean toilet seat that is fit for royalty. This Washlet comes with a nozzle that has several spray functions such as soothing aerated spray, warm water spray, and dual-action spray with an oscillating feature. This electronic bidet has an instant water heating system, which is convenient for instant hot water use. Don't worry about installation, this bidet ensures a docking station that is easy to install and clean. The TOTO SW3036#01 K300 Washlet meets and exceeds the ASME A112.4.2, ASME A112.18.1/CSA B125.1, UL 1431, CSA C22.2 #68 standards; on top of that, it has a one (1) year limited warranty for defects.

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